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Google finally integrates JotSpot!

google sites

Google has recently completed integrating JotSpot into its Google Apps suite. Its called Google Sites. Now, creating web pages and web sites has become so simple, anyone can do it! Furthermore, modifying content can be easily shared between co-workers, teams, etc. like a Wiki, but with a website structure. Impressive!


Easy Hosted Wiki is the easiest to use and most customizable hosted wiki product I have found. Although not free, you can get started for as little as $4.95/month for 50 MB storage space and 1 GB bandwidth. Because we are using as a conference attendee collaboration tool, we needed to ‘brand’ the wiki to look very similar to the associated web site, which was not a problem with We opted for the $49.95/month corporate account, which provides 4 GB storage space and 24 GB Bandwidth.

Overall, the wiki administration tools are thoughtfully designed and intuitive. Even non-technical users will find this product easy, especially because it doesn’t require users to learn any special syntax. Furthermore, web designers can leverage their knowledge of css to customize the site’s interface to match a corporate-branded site, if desired.