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My Favorite places in Tampa Bay

Many of my favorite places in Tampa Bay are actually in St. Petersburg and I think its because St. Petersburg is a really vibrant city with a rich community spirit. Anyway, here’s my top 10 list (not in any particular order):

  1. Mazarro’s : It’s an Italian market and more! This place has become a landmark and is part of the ‘fabric of St. Petersburg’. It’s one of my ‘3rd places’.
  2. Gisella Kopsick Palm Arboretum: A very beautiful park managed by the City of St. Petersburg and a must-see for any palm aficianado.
  3. USF Botanical Gardens: The University of South Florida Botanical Gardens in Tampa has really great plant festivals but its a nice place to visit anytime, especially spring and fall.
  4. Rollin’ Oats: A great whole foods market in St. Petersburg with amazing organic produce.
  5. The 4th St. N. Einstein Bagels in St. Pete: Hard to find parking but a great place to linger over a foccacia and read the paper on a Sunday morning.
  6. The Best kept secret for good coffee in downtown St. Pete is actually at Schakolad, a European-Style Chocolatier on Central Ave. Of course, the chocolate is awesome and Mark and Tess are first-rate!
  7. Green Thumb Festival: The Mother of all Annual Spring Plant festivals and in an incredible location, too!
  8. The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City : There is just something about the historic building and beautiful mosaics that transcends the food and entertainment, which aren’t bad, by the way. Just sip some Sangria or Cafe Con Leche with Cuban Bread and enjoy.
  9. Sunshine Skyway Pier State Park – No, its not fancy and the only activity is fishing, but what a fun time on a cool autumn Saturday night. The place is packed with people of all ages and it’s really exciting when someone catches something really big!
  10. Fantasy of Flight: An impressive airplane museum tucked away in Polk County featuring beautifully restored rare airplanes on display. There is even a kid’s area for making paper airplanes and a hang gliding simulator. The diner was surprisingly nice with tasty food at reasonable prices.
  11. BONUS:The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center – Hosting memorable and fantastic Broadway shows, The Florida Orchestra and much more.
  12. DOUBLE-BONUS!: The St. Pete Grand Prix – Absolutely fantastic racing in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg. Even if you are not a hard-core race fan, the beautiful cars, the thunderous engines and the great festive atmosphere make this annual event worth every penny!