per·spec·tive The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance -American Heritage Dictionary

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Comic Life


I recently experimented with ‘Comic Life’ software that came installed on my Mac laptop. It’s a very nifty application written by a company named Plasq. I created a cute 3 page comic within 15 minutes and found it completely intuitive with almost every feature drag and droppable. A really great feature is the instant availability of your iPhoto images right in Comic Life for easy ‘drag-and-drop’ access. My favorite feature is the ‘export to html’. Exporting to html is simple with Comic Life because and it creates a folder with all of the necessary files neatly organized. Comic Life has tight integration with .mac but you can upload your ‘Comic Life’ files to any hosting company web server.


A four-year old perspective

I bought my 4 year old son, Will, a $20 digital camera and set him out on a mission to take pictures of whatever and however he chose. Of course, he immediately started taking pictures of some of his favorite outdoor toys, but he also chose mundane objects like the utility meter and a STOP sign. Interesting perspective!
STOPOur utility meterThe foot powered 'Flinstone-mobile'Quite a collection of bubble toysWheelbarrow full of yard toolsBanana tree