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Google finally integrates JotSpot!

google sites

Google has recently completed integrating JotSpot into its Google Apps suite. Its called Google Sites. Now, creating web pages and web sites has become so simple, anyone can do it! Furthermore, modifying content can be easily shared between co-workers, teams, etc. like a Wiki, but with a website structure. Impressive!


Very cool virtual tour website

If you haven’t heard of Mapwing yet, you are missing out on a really innovative website that allows users (for free) to upload images and floorplans, sketches, etc. and then use the website to create virtual tours.  The best part is that it provides a bit of code that users can copy and paste into their own website.  I think this is an absolutely fantastic website and provides a very useful service.  There is a pro version, too, providing additional features but the free version gets 5 stars.