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Google finally integrates JotSpot!

google sites

Google has recently completed integrating JotSpot into its Google Apps suite. Its called Google Sites. Now, creating web pages and web sites has become so simple, anyone can do it! Furthermore, modifying content can be easily shared between co-workers, teams, etc. like a Wiki, but with a website structure. Impressive!


My Top 5 Free Web Tools

I am a Mac fanatic. My new macbook is really my Swiss Army Knive and here are some of the most indispensible tools on it:

Textwrangler TextWrangler is the free version of BBEdit. Textwrangler is a super text editor with incredible search and replace options, extensive FTP and SFTP support, nice multiple document interface, color-coding for html and other popular programming and scripting languages and so much more. It’s perfect for light scripting and HTML authoring.

Seashore Seashore is a free open source image editor for Cocoa and is based on the popular GIMP. For basic Web Design and image manipulation tasks, it is a fine replacement for Photoshop. I have used it on Panther and Tiger on both a G5 and an Intel Mac and it has always been very stable.

firefox Firefox is THE browser that I use. Now I can’t even imagine surfing the web with IE. In fact, if you are still using IE, you are missing out on the biggest revolution in web browsing since Netscape appeared on the scene! Tabbed browsing and extensions alone have made this the single most valuable tool on my computer. Here are some of the extensions I currently have installed:

RSS Editor

ColorZilla 1.1

Google Notebook

Regular Expression Tester


konfabulator Konfabulator – Yahoo purchased this novel “widget” technology that preceded Apples Dashboard Widgets on Tiger. Widgets are small, configurable applications that perform basic functions in novel interfaces. For example, some widgets display the weather forecast in your city or the latest headlines for or search Ebay or whatever you can imagine! I prefer the Konfabulator Widgets over the Apple Widgets because Konfabulator Widgets can be made cross-platform and can reside on the desktop in the background.

My must-have widgets: phone List and To-Do list widgets

google docs Although not technically installed on my mac, my Firefox browser would be lost without Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Since before Google purchased Writely, I have been using this very nifty collaborative document sharing tool. I have found it enormously useful and hope Google continues to develop it into a full-fledged office product. I like the collaborative feature that allows multiple simultaneous edits but the best part is that you can upload existing Word docs for editing, publishing, sharing, etc. I have found some formatting issues, especially with objects created with the Word drawing tools but am willing to overlook these issues for the collaborative ability Google docs provides.

The best thing about all of these products is that they are absolutely free.