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Sunbutter Smoothies!

Here is my recipe, which I call Sunbutter Smoothies, inspired by a peanut butter smoothie made at Central Cafe and Organics of St. Petersburg, Fl. I, of course, substitute sunbutter for peanut butter.  This smoothie is also completely dairy-free — I find the Silk Soy milk and soy ice cream provides a much richer taste than regular cow’s milk and ice cream.

In a blender, combine 1 cup Silk Soy vanilla soy milk, 1 Tblsp sunbutter spread (peanut butter substitute made from sunflower seeds), 2 tablespoons vanilla soy ice cream and 1 tablespoon honey. Blend for about 10 seconds and serve immediately.

If you have never tried sunbutter, you may be tempted to substitue peanut butter instead. However, sunbutter is delicious and tastes very very similar to peanut butter and it is rather nutritious. Furthermore, it is completely peanut free and even processed in a peanut and nut – free facility.

In a 2 Tblsp. serving, there are 7 g of protein, 4 g fiber and only 3 g sugar. Its also high in vitamin E. You can find it at Publix grocery stores and in the Super Target grocery section.